From MyTreat to OurTreat

Kindness has a way of growing. We are truly heartened by your response to MyTreat. So now, we are expanding the effort to bring cheer to healthcare practitioners working at the forefront of Covid-19.

MyTreat is proud to introduce OurTreat, which hopes to raise funds to buy restaurant meals for the most besieged of heroes — those working in the isolation and emergency wards of Singapore’s hospitals.

While hospital canteens are open to these everyday superstars, they need more than mere sustenance after long, stressful shifts. A delicious surprise goes a long way towards nourishing their spirits and lifting morale.

For weeks now, orthopaedic surgeon Dr Mizan Marican and his fellow doctors at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) have been pooling funds to buy treats for their colleagues working in isolation wards and the emergency department. “(The recipients) often tell us that these small gestures really make their day and help to lift their spirits, especially since their workload today is unprecedented.”  

OurTreat hopes to extend this gesture of gratitude to a larger swathe of healthcare workers who put their own health on the line to care for those affected by Covid-19 and to protect those who must be in hospital during this delicate time.

For a start, we are raising funds for meals for Covid-19 healthcare practitioners across SGH, where Dr Marican and his team will help distribute them. We hope to eventually expand the effort towards other hospitals. The money raised will be used to buy meals from restaurants who are also deeply affected by the situation.

To give towards this heartfelt project, use the PayNow app, and scan this QR code or enter UEN No. 53292228WFFK.

100% of the funds received will go towards these meals. Do note that this is a personal donation drive, which means that it is not tax deductible. If you have questions, email us at


Every ward that we donate to consists of about 50 healthcare personnel. We are asking restaurants to keep the meals to below $15 per person. Whenever we raise enough money to purchase one round of meals, we will make arrangements with a restaurant of our choice to have the food delivered. If you would prefer to fund a round of 50 meals directly with a restaurant of your choice, let us know and we can help facilitate getting the meals to the ward at the hospital. If you have questions, please feel free to email us at

You can also contribute to OurTreat by spreading the word. Use our Instagram Stories template to encourage your friends to be a part of this heartfelt project too. Thank you for your support!

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