Introducing MyTreat

MyTreat is a simple movement built around kindness. As we create social distance in the name of health and safety, we can still come together to share a meal, support a restaurant, and let someone know that they are not alone. All with a simple food delivery order.

To start, we have selected a handful of restaurants that offer islandwide delivery so sending a meal to someone is easy. Simply click on their logos to begin your order.

MyTreat is a non-profit initiative. Our only aim is to encourage people to show kindness, support and generosity to one another in this trying time. The restaurants listed above are suggestions; feel free to order from a restaurant or business of your choice, but please spread the word using our Instagram story templates, which you can screenshot here or on our Instagram highlights @mytreatsg:

By spreading kindness through the simple gift of a meal delivery, we can support a restaurant, let someone know that they are not alone, and keep the good vibes flowing throughout the community. We’ve always needed one another, now let’s start acting like it. 

Follow us on Instagram: @mytreatsg

If you are a restaurant that provides delivery service and would like to be featured on this platform, send us a message on Instagram @mytreatsg

If you know someone who could benefit from a meal, let us know by sending us a message on Instagram @mytreatsg