The name FatFuku is a tribute to Annette’s Chinese roots. The name embraces the Chinese saying that it is good fortune (福,or ‘fuku’ in Japanese) to be fat. And so, fat=good. And then there’s the English term ‘fat luck’, which is a literal translation of FatFuku.

For the last 20 years, Annette has contributed recipes to various local and international newspapers, magazines and publications like 8 Days, the Louis Vuitton City Guide Singapore, Wallpaper* and Condé Nast Traveler. She has also consulted on menus at restaurants and bakeries.

She is the author of Savour Chinatown: Stories & Recipes From An Iconic Neighbourhood, which celebrates Chinatown’s rich historical and culinary legacy through the stories of the enclave’s original hawkers and restaurateurs. By chronicling Chinatown’s history and evolution, the book inadvertently recounts the history of Singapore’s early Chinese migrant community.

She is also the editor of cookbooks including Heritage Feasts: A Collection of Singapore Family Recipes, which was named Best Cookbook –Singapore at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2011.

“Magazines. Newspapers. Restaurant guides. City guides. Books. Online magazines. Radio. Random conversations with friends, family, acquaintances and professional colleagues . 

Over the years, my personal thoughts about food have been dispensed through many different avenues. And it still overwhelms me a little that complete strangers might want my opinion on eating and cooking.

FatFuku is my way of connecting to anyone and everyone who has followed my columns and reviews through the years; who has tried my recipes and made it a part of your personal culinary repertoire; who has eaten at my table and shared your stories of epicurean adventures.

FatFuku is, in other words, a thoughtful and flavour-filled distillation of everything, and everyone who has ever inspired me.

It is all of me, in a stream of consciousness…

My food memories, in the form of cherished heritage recipes passed down from my family, friends and, most of all, my late mother. She instilled in me the patience for cooking complex dishes, alongside the sensibility to simplify them just enough.

My dining experiences and travels in the form of unedited reviews and new dishes inspired by novel flavours, moderated only by my personal (and, some say, very Peranakan) palate.

My passions. My peeves. (And maybe a shot of my dogs, or two). All these elements, and more, are laid out in this site and on my well-worn and much-loved dining table at home. A moveable feast  for your picking.” 

 – Annette